A Mothers Poem
Is it raining out? Just in front of her house.
It's raining out, even though the sun is still out.
She walks outside to see the sight,
He's left a message, her son Jason Plite.
He can't call her anymore, not by computer or phone,
But he's called her today, by this beautiful rainbow.
Hi Mom, I'm ok. I'm happy here in this place.
I'm looking down on your sad teary face.
Don't worry, I'm not alone and I'm not scared,
I'm worried about you, because I care.
You were the one, who was there for me,
Thru all the things, I could not see.
I know that you're proud; it's what you always say,
I'm proud of you too, and things will be ok.
I'll be with you forever, what ever you do,
It's my turn now; I'll be looking after you.
I feel your tears when you cry,
Don't think for a moment, that this is good-bye.
We are mother and son, and that's forever,
This family is ours and it can never be severed.
You're a strong one, and so am I,
I got it from you, that's our bonding tie.
Just always remember I'm in your heart,
Your in mine too, we'll never part.
I'll try and help you not be sadder,
I love you so much, that's all that matters.
You know how I've always wanted to fly?
For now I'll be working up here in the sky.
I might just be the toughest angel, I can't tell,
Being a PJ, they've trained me very well.
When ever you hear a helicopter, that's just me,
Going on god's mission, it's where I want to be.
So like before, I will continue to give,
That's our motto Mom, so
by:  Chrystal LaVallee